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Institute of Genetic and Regenerative Medicine
National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

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About Institute

The State Institute of Genetic and Regenerative Medicine NAMS Ukraine was established in June 2007, with an initial focus on the development in Ukraine of the issues of basic and applied research into genetic and regenerative medicine, the assessment of priorities in the bioethical aspects of regenerative medicine, the coordination within this country and a development of international cooperative work in the creation of regenerative and genetic technologies in medicine.

The Cell and Tissue Technologies Department (Laboratory of Cell and Tissue Cultures, Laboratory of Experimental Models, Laboratory of Immunology) carries out studies of stem cell application in regenerative medicine. Here the methods for fractionation, multiplication and purpose-designed differentiation of stem cells are being developed. Technologies are being created for restitution of damaged organs and tissues by using directed differentiated cells or tissues.

The Genetic Diagnostics Department (Laboratory of DNA-diagnostics, Laboratory of Cytogenetics, Laboratory of Methabolomic) is engaged in studies of genetic polymorphism effects on the course and treatment of diseases (cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, immune-dependent, tumors, osteoporosis, diabetes etc.) in humans. The new methods of genetic diagnostics are being developed.

The Gene Technologies Department (Laboratory of Gene Engineering Biotechnology, Laboratory of Gene and Cell Modifications) has the task of developing and applying new gene technologies for creation of genetically modified cells and organisms. New biotechnological products and models are being created for pharmacological and pharmaco-genetic investigations. Technologies are being introduced for creating transgenic experimental models.


The facilities include modern hi-tech equipment: BD FACSAria cell sorter, micromanipulation nanomechanotronic complex, light and luminescent microscopes, biosafety cabinets etc.

It is anticipated that a bank of primary material (DNA, iRNA, plasmids and vectors, cell cultures, cord blood, stem cells) will be created.



Our institute is interested in collaboration with other research institutes as well as treatment and diagnostic centers to conduct joint research projects in the field of regenerative medicine and gene technologies.


Professor Gennadii Butenko
Director, a Full Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences, D.Sci. (Medicine)