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Innovative trends in genetic and regenerative medicine - 2017



09-10 November 2017


Kyiv, Ukraine


Conference web-site -

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Academician of NAMSU V.I. Tsymbaliuk


Academician of NAMSU, Corresponding Member of NANU G.M. Butenko
Academician of NAMSU G.V. Gaiko


Dr.Sci. S.M. Novikova

Committee Members

Academician of NAMSU V.A. Kordium
Academician of NAMSU A.M. Goltsev
Academician of NAMSU Ye.G. Pedachenko
Academician of NAMSU Yu.V. Voronenko
Academician of NAMSU D.A. Bazyka
Corresponding Member of NAMSU S.S. Strafun
Corresponding Member of NAMSU N.G. Gorovenko
Prof. G.G. Skibo
Prof. I.S. Nikolsky
Prof. Zh.N. Minchenko
Prof. S.I. Gerasymenko
Dr.Sci. O.V. Dolgopolov
Dr.Sci. O.A. Kostogryz
Dr.Sci. І.F. Labunets
PhD Ye.L. Holiuk
PhD M.D. Chebotariov
PhD V.M. Kyryk
PhD S.V. Podolska
PhD O.G. Deriabina
PhD D.A. Zubov
R.G. Vasyliev


Main Topics of the Conference

1. Biological properties of different type stem cells: pluripotent stem cells; adult stem cells; migration and differentiation of stem cells; immunological aspects of regeneration; state-of-the-art cell culturing.

2. Application of cell, gene and tissue engineering technologies for traumatology and orthopedics.

3. Application of regenerative medicine approaches in other fields of practical medicine.

4. Genetic engineering and immunotherapy.

5. Methods of molecular genetic analysis for the clinical practice.

6. Biomaterials, tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting.

7. Ethical, legal and regulatory aspects of gene and cell technologies; development and manufacturing of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs).


Conference languages - Ukrainian, English and Russian


Conference venue:
Conference Hall of State Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics NAMS of Ukraine: 27, Bulvarno-Kudryavska (former Vorovskoho) street, Kyiv, Ukraine.


Key Dates and Conference Fees

Registration deadline – 01 September 2017

Abstracts’ submission deadline – 01 September 2017

Registration form - ENG

Please, send the registration form and electron version of abstracts to:

Please, note in the subject field of a message “registration” or “abstract”.

The registration fees: 200 UAH – for students, PhD students and young scientists; 600 UAH – for other participants.

The contribution for the Conference sponsors will be determined on an individual request, please contact the responsible persons (see below).

Please, note, the foreign participants are welcomed to pay the fees at registration desk at the beginning of the Conference (cash, UAH).

Abstracts’ General Guidelines

One A4 page; 3,500 characters, including spaces.

Margins: top – 2.0 cm, bottom – 2.0 cm, left – 2.0 cm, right – 1.0 cm.

Font – Times New Roman, font size – 12, interval 1.0.

Abstract title written in capitals; names and initials of authors, name of institution, city, and country indicated via one-spaced interval; abstract text – via double-spaced interval. The name of a speaker should be stressed.

Please, submit the electronic version of abstracts in “.rtf”.

Oral & Poster Presentations’ General Guidelines

For oral presentations a multimedia projector will be provided.

Presentation file should be stored in “.ppt” (MS PowerPoint 97-2003).

Poster size – 70×100 cm or less.


Online registration -


Any issues related to participation in the Conference, please contact:

Svitlana Novikova +38044 254 15 70;

Mykola Chebotariov +38044 468 75 49;

Roman Vasyliev +38068 846 92 31; +38099 275 04 34;


Oleksiy Dolgopolov +38050 358 05 65;